Fall Ball Schedule

FALL BALL is in full swing. Come check out the action at one of the following home games. Gundo Girls can be seen at Richmond Street Field (RS) or Rec Park Softball Field (REC) on most Saturdays and Sundays through October and into November. Times are given as double-headers with a short 15 minute break in between the 2 games.

Sun, 10/88UC3 vs ES39am/11amREC
Sun, 10/812UES1 vs ES21pm/3pmREC
Sun, 10/88UES1 vs ES29am/11amRS
Sun, 10/810USM1 vs ES11pm/3pmRS
Sat, 10/1410UW2 vs ES11pm/3pmREC
Sun, 10/1510USP1 vs ES29am/11amREC
Sun, 10/1512UBH vs ES11pm/3pmREC
Sun, 10/158UB vs ES39am/11amRS
Sun, 10/158UPV vs ES11pm/3pmRS
Sat, 10/218USM2 vs ES19am/11amREC
Sat, 10/2110UBH vs ES21pm/3pmREC
Sun, 10/2210UB1 vs ES19am/11amREC
Sun, 10/2212UW2 vs ES21pm/3pmREC
Sun, 10/228UN vs ES29am/11amRS
Sun, 10/228UT2 vs ES31pm/3pmRS
Sat, 10/2810UD5 vs ES19am/11amREC
Sat, 10/2812UB2 vs ES11pm/3pmREC
Sun, 10/2912UB1 vs ES29am/11amREC
Sun, 10/2910URS2 vs ES21pm/3pmREC
Sun, 10/298UES2 vs ES39am/11amRS
Sun, 10/298URS vs ES11pm/3pmRS
Sat, 11/48UH vs ES31pm/3pmREC
Sun, 11/512UPV vs ES19am/11amREC
Sun, 11/512USM1 vs ES21pm/3pmREC
Sun, 11/58URS vs ES29am/11amRS
Sun, 11/510UES1 vs ES21pm/3pmRS