ESGS has put all of our Policies, Rules, and Regulations together in one document. Below is a list of what this document contains. Please click here to access the full PDF.

I.ESGS Team Formation
II.6U Division Rules
III.8U/10U/12U/14U Division Rules
A. Notes and Clarification
B. Short Handed Rule and Call Up Policy
C. 8U Rules Clarification
IV.8U Championship Tournament Rules
V.10U & 12U Championship Tournament Rules
VI.ESGS Select Program
VII.All Star Selection Process – 8U Gold
VIII.All Star Selection Process – 10U Gold
IX.All Star Selection Process – 10U Silver
X.All Star Selection Process – 12U Gold
XI.All Star Selection Process – 12U Silver
XII.ESGS Policies
A. Code of Conduct
B. Cheer
C. Field Clean-Up
D. Snack Bar
E. Social Media

If you have questions about our policies, please contact us at ElSegundoGirlsSoftball@gmail.com