Be a Volunteer

Are you interested in helping the league?

FIRST: Choose a position that fits your schedule

The point person for each team, sends the first communication to team members, manages the team practices and games, but can rely on Coaches to share this duty throughout the season.

The manager’s right-hand, works along-side the Manager to run practices and coach in the games.

Assistant Coach
Anyone that helps on-field during practices or games. The more assistant coaches the better! The Manager/Coach will be able to run stations and the players will get more reps when they have several assistant coaches.

Dugout Chaperone
Stays in the dugout with the players for each game, make sure batters know who is up next, fielders know their positions, players are paying attention to the game. Keeps the dugout focused on the game. This job can be split between several parents who each pick which games they can work in the dugout.

Team Parent
The manager’s other right-hand.  Communicates important information to the team — usually sets up a Shutterfly site for this purpose. Communicates practice and game schedule, picture day info, Snack Bar info (and manages the team’s snack bar shifts). Generally plans a team party at the end of the season.

NEXT: Fill out the required forms
(Anyone that is on the field or in the dugout with the players must submit all forms; Team parents do not need to submit forms.)

  1. Volunteer Application (Only Managers and Coaches need to fill out Pg. 2)
  2. Background Check (Be sure to sign both Pg. 1 and Pg. 2)
  3. Legible Copy of your Driver’s License

LAST: Submit your forms by email or mail:

Subject Line: Volunteer Forms

El Segundo Girls Softball
Re: Volunteers
PO Box 584
El Segundo, CA 90245

We appreciate your time in completing these forms! Manager forms for the 2017 Spring Season are to be submitted by December 31st, 2016.