Spring 2017 – Beach Cup

Each year, at the end of the Spring Season, divisions 10U and Up compete in the Annual Beach Cup Tournament. Teams from ESGS and BEACH (MB & HB) are seeded and placed into a draw. The winning league in each division gets to take home the Beach Cup trophy. Currently, both the 10U and 12U Beach Cup trophies are back in El Segundo!

10U Beach Cup Champions: Nighthawks
Manager: Dan Anderson
Coaches: T.D. Mayer, Rob Green
Players: Ace Anderson, Alyssa Velez, Charly Morrissey, Chloe Lund, Ella Lynch, Emma Stevens, Hailey Perez, Jacy Lindsay, Maggie Green, Sienna Mayer



12U Beach Cup Champions: Raptors
Manager: Jody Keiger
Coaches: Bruce Cochran, Derek Ernest
Players: Katie Serrano, Peyton Ernest, Jayden McColgan, Sarah Wheaton, Macey Cochran, Leia Castillo, Sammie Kleiger, JuJu O’Brien, Mia Bacura, Faye Cooper, Kylie Timmons