Fall 2017 – Schedule

FALL BALL is in full swing. Home games are at REC and Richmond Fields. Come catch a game on most Saturdays and Sundays through October and into November.  Times are given as double-headers with a short 15 minute break in between the 2 games.

SAT, 9/810U / ES2B2 (Beach)9am/11amManhattan Heights
SAT, 9/88U / ES2M11pm/3pmREC
SUN, 9/912U / ES1RS19am/11amREC
SUN, 9/914U / ES1RS1pm/3pmREC
SUN, 9/98U / ES1B (Beach)9am/11amRichmond
SUN, 9/910U / ES1PV11pm/3pmRichmond
SAT, 9/1514U / ES1D49am/11amREC
SUN, 9/1612U / ES1B1 (Beach)9am/11amMarine West
SUN, 9/168U / ES2B (Beach)9am/11amManhattan Heights
SUN, 9/1610U / ES1RS29am/11amREC
SUN, 9/1610U / ES2PV21pm/3pmREC
SUN, 9/168U / ES1M21pm/3pmRichmond
SUN, 9/2310U / ES1B1 (Beach)9am/11amManhattan Heights
SUN, 9/2314U / ES1T2 (Torrance)9am/11amREC
SUN, 9/238U / ES2T19am/11amRichmond
SUN, 9/2312U / ES1SM1 (Santa Monica)1pm/3pmREC
SUN, 9/2310U / ES2RS1 (Redondo Sunset)1pm/3pmRIchmond
SUN, 9/238U / ES1RS (Redondo Sunset)1pm/3pmAlta Vista
SAT, 9/298U / ES1D4 (Downey)9am/11amIndependence Park
SUN, 9/3010U / ES2B1 (Beach)9am/11amManhattan Heights
SUN, 9/3012U / ES1B2 (Beach)9am/11amREC
SUN, 9/3010U / ES1M39am/11amRichmond
SUN, 9/3014U / ES1P1pm/3pmREC
SUN, 9/308U / ES2PV1pm/3pmRichmond
SAT, 10/612U / ES1D19am/11amREC
SAT, 10/614U / ES1D21pm/3pmREC
SAT, 10/1310U / ES2D39am/11amREC
SAT, 10/1314U / ES1M21pm/3pmREC
SAT, 10/1310U / ES1C19am/11amREC
SUN, 10/148U / ES2SM9am/11amRichmond
SUN, 10/1412U / ES1M21pm/3pmREC
SUN, 10/148U / ES1T11pm/3pmRichmond